NYC Team Bonding Activities & Company Outing Ideas

Team Bonding NYC is a database of the best team building activities in New York City.

Why team bonding? Because sometime around the turn of the century, the business world changed. Smart companies started invested in team building as a way to improve company culture, and increase job satisfaction and employee retention. Over time, more team building companies came on the scene, offering various options for team outings, company retreats and other corporate events.

Today, there are countless team bonding activities in NYC for you to consider, which is where we come in. We’ve researched, vetted and sorted these activities into helpful categories. Below you’ll find fun team building activities, unusual team building activities, company outing ideas and more.

The Best Team Bonding Activities in NYC

There are many factors that go into a successful team outing, including how fun it is, how effective it is, the location, pricing, duration and more. For large groups, capacity is also an important consideration. However, the best team bonding activities are more than just a collection of characteristics, they have a kind of magic to them; they feel completely natural and not like team building at all.

#1: The Great Guac Off™

The Great Guac Off is a company team building activity that combines a guacamole making competition with a series of fun challenges. All of the ingredients are included, and there are options for catering and more. You can host the Guac Off at your office or at various locations around NYC and it is suitable for all group sizes. Unsure if guacamole is the right activity for your team? EY said, “The event was great and the group really enjoyed the entire event. Jim was energetic and a great host and I would definitely recommend the Great Guac off to my colleagues and other friends looking to host a fun and unique corporate event!”

Website: The Great Guac Off™

#2: Museum Hack

Museum Hack leads team building activities at the best museums in NYC, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, The Rubin and Fraunces Tavern. You have several options for your event, including the company’s signature renegade tours, scavenger hunts, and storytelling workshops. Museum Hack has 127+ five star reviews on Yelp, and many more on TripAdvisor and other platforms. Museum Hack’s clients include Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Facebook, Adobe, Google, Stripe and hundreds of other forward thinking organizations.

Website: Museum Hack

#3: ScavBoss

If you like scavenger hunts then you will love ScavBoss. Traditional scavenger hunts run as team building activities tend to be way too difficult and so one or two team members solve all the clues while the others follow along. With ScavBoss, the scavenger hunt is turned on its head, with collaborative elements like photo challenges and role assignments. Another major difference with other scavenger hunts is the setting. ScavBoss hosts its hunts at amazing and historical locations around NYC, such as Central Park, Grand Central Station and the Financial District, plus cool locations in Brooklyn as well.

Website: ScavBoss